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Monday, May 15th
A.D. White House

• 5:00 p.m. Welcome

Elizabeth DeLoughrey
and Nicole Waligora-Davis     


Biddy Martin, Provost, Cornell University


Tuesday, May 16
Africana Studies and Research Center, Multipurpose Room



Stephen Hilgartner
Science & Technology Studies, Ethical Legal & Social Issues Focus Area, Cornell Genomics Initiative, Cornell University

Jane Mt. Pleasant
Horticulture and American Indian Program, Cornell University

• 9:00-10:45: Session 1:
   Genetics, Genomics, and Disease

Chair: Cheryl Finley
Department of Art History, Cornell University

Priscilla Wald
Department of English and Women’s Studies, Duke University
Blood and Stories: How Genomics is Rewriting Race, Medicine, and Human History

Nicole Waligora-Davis
Department of English, Cornell University 
Rendering Dis(-)ease

Alondra Nelson
Department of Sociology and African American Studies, Yale University
Genealogical Branches, Genetic Roots, and the Pursuit of African Ancestry

• 11:00-12:15: Session 2:
   Visualizing Violence

Chair: Timothy Murray
Department of English, Cornell University

Jill H. Casid
Department of Art History, University of Wisconsin-Madison
"You Became a Scientific Profile:” Race, Sexuality, and the Origins of Photographic Identification

Elizabeth DeLoughrey
Department of English, Cornell University

Natural Modernities: Roots of Militarization

• 12:15-1:15: Lunch Break

• 1:15-2:45: Session 3:
   Film Screening and Discussion

Chair: Angela Gonzales
Department of Development Sociology and American Indian Program, Cornell University

Debra Harry
Executive Director of the Indigenous Peoples Council on Biocolonialism
The Leech and the Earthworm
(A film by March Silver and Max Pugh, produced by Debra Harry)

• 3:00- 4:15: Session 4:
   Ethical Encounters

Chair: Hortense Spillers
Department of English, Cornell University

Karla Holloway
Department of English and Women’s Studies and Duke University School of Law
Ethics, Law and Privacy--The Material Representations of Culture

Sangeeta Ray
Department of English, University of Maryland, College Park
Reading the Shape of the Whale: Ethical Encounters between Environments in Amitav Ghosh's Hungry Tide

• 4:30-6:15: Session 5:
   Experimental Bodies

Chair: Suman Seth
Science and Technology Studies, Cornell University

Londa Schiebinger
History of Science and the Barbara D. Finberg Director of the Institute for Research on Women and Gender, Stanford University
Race by Many Other Names: Race and Human Experimentation in Eighteenth-Century West Indies

Sandra Harding
Department of Education and Women’s Studies, University of California, Los Angeles
Modern Science vs. Traditional Knowledge: The Imperial Legacy

Gabriela Soto Laveaga
Department of History, University of California, Santa Barbara
Plants and Emerging Citizenships:Contested Rights, Local Identities, and the Global Search for Medicinal Plants in Mexico.

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